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21 Dec 2016

Meet Mark Zuckerberg's home AI, Jarvis

Yesterday, Mark Zuckerberg uploaded a video of his new home artificial intelligence, Jarvis.

Named after Iron Man's virtual assistant, Jarvis can do a whole variety of things, from waking Zuckerberg up, to making toast to helping him get dressed.

Zuckerberg, in the video, says that it took a year of coding for him to make Jarvis.

In context

Zuckerberg's own home AI

Jarvis and AI techniques

"It uses several artificial intelligence techniques, including natural language processing, speech recognition, face recognition and reinforcement learning, written in Python, PHP and Objective C," said Zuckerberg on Jarvis.


So what exactly can Jarvis do?

In the video, as Mark Zuckerberg wakes up, Jarvis moves the curtains and tells Zuckerberg his schedule for the day.

Jarvis can make toasts, set up video conference meetings, play music, and control the lights.

It can open the front door for familiar faces, and talks to Zuckerberg's daughter.

It also has a shirt cannon which shoots shirts at Zuckerberg when he gets dressed.

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Jarvis is not ready for commercial use

"It's not a production system that's ready to go to other people. But if I couldn't build a system that can at least do what [Amazon Echo and Google Home can], I probably would have been pretty disappointed in myself," said Zuckerberg.


The reality of Jarvis

FastCo journalist Daniel Terdiman paid Zuckerberg a visit, and reported that Jarvis had its fair share of glitches.

The voice command is glitchy, and phrases often have to be repeated two to four times before Jarvis responds.

Jarvis also has trouble recognizing which room a command is coming from, and inadvertently ends up mixing up commands, like turning off lights in the wrong room.

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