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17 Apr 2019

5 reasons why you shouldn't buy a foldable phone yet

Why shouldn't you buy a foldable phone yet

Over the years, smartphone design has changed drastically - from phones with keyboards to dual-screen devices and from phones with rotating cameras to punch-hole displays.

And in 2019, manufacturers have even made folding phones a reality.

However, as Huawei's Mate X and Samsung's Galaxy Fold are set to hit the shelves, here are five reasons why you shouldn't buy them yet.

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Why shouldn't you buy a foldable phone yet
The good looking "plastic screen"

Reason #1

The good looking "plastic screen"

Foldable phones, like modern-day flagship devices, offer high-resolution screens. However, the good looking flexible screens aren't as durable as regular smartphone displays that are protected with glass.

The reason is that foldable phones are protected by a plastic polymer which is prone to scuffing and creasing even with mild use.

Hence, you should wait for some time until Corning readies its flexible glass.

Reason #2

The fear of a fall

It is partially true that plastic screen trade-off is a blessing in disguise - at least, it won't shatter in case of a fall. But that's not the fear.

Foldable phones are more prone to damage than regular metal-glass sandwiched devices because of their complex hinge system that allows for folding and unfolding.

Simply said, more moving parts translate to more chances of breakage.

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The unreadiness of the software

Reason #3

The unreadiness of the software

Looking past the design and durability concerns, the operating system that powers these devices is still half baked.

And while Google is working to add support for the new device format, developers won't be able to make their apps work better on folding phones anytime soon.

Moreover, for video experience, you will still have aspect ratio issues i.e. thick black bars.

Reason #4

Tall, thick and heavy: Design matters

Surely, foldable phones are promising but they aren't ready yet even design-wise. Given the curvature of plastic screens, both Huawei Mate X and Samsung Galaxy Fold are pretty clunky for our generation.

In the folded stage, the Galaxy Fold is 17mm thick while the Mate is 11mm thick.

Further, these phones are tall and heavy and hence, far from being pocket-friendly.

Astronomical prices

Reason #5

Astronomical prices

Considering these phones are early adopters of the next-gen technology, they come with astronomical price tags.

The Galaxy Fold costs $1,980 (Rs. 1,40,000) while the Mate X is priced at around $ 2,600 (Rs. 1,80,000) - both nearly twice as expensive as the current top-of-the-line smartphones.

To conclude, these aforementioned reasons are strong enough to say foldable phones are years away from being viable.

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