The role of Artificial Intelligence in transforming education


26 Apr 2019

How Artificial Intelligence is transforming the field of education

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is transforming the world. Today, AI is everywhere and is being integrated into various fields like healthcare, banking, transport, defense, and also education among others.

With the numerous applications of AI, the field of education is becoming more convenient and personalized too. AI is changing the way people learn.

Here's how AI is transforming the field of education.


Helping students learn based on their individual needs

Helping students learn based on their individual needs

The aptitude, learning curve, retention, and engagement of every student are different. Though educators often cannot address students' individual needs, AI tools can. AI can also prepare customized education plans and material based on one's attributes.

As AI gets more sophisticated, it might even read the student's expressions, identify if they are struggling to grasp something, and modify the lessons as per their requirements.


Making education accessible and helping students with special needs

AI tools can also help make global classrooms accessible to anyone who wants to learn, changing the way people learn and by making educational material accessible through smart devices and computers in different languages.

AI is also being used for helping students with special needs. For example, there are AI tools that can perform tasks like reading passages to visually-impaired students.

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Bridging the teaching-learning gap

Bridging the teaching-learning gap

AI can also help bridge the teaching-learning gap - a gap in the teacher's instructions and the student's understanding of the same.

AI tools that allow teachers to monitor the progress of a student on an individual level and also provide possible solutions can help bridge this gap.

Based on students' understanding levels, teachers can also make changes to the educational material or content.

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