World's first virtual reality gym is now open


13 May 2019

Tired of workout? Try this VR gym for some fun

People can be gym freaks, but the deal is, not everyone loves the idea of training, lifting weights daily.

In fact, a lot of folks find gymming so boring that it starts reflecting on their health.

But now, there's a way to change that - a VR gym that can give you a way to train without feeling its monotony.

Here's all about it.

Gym details

Black Box VR - Play and train

Black Box VR - Play and train

Located in California, Black Box VR gym is a place where you can play a VR game and train at the same time.

To start playing, you just have to wear a VR headset and stand on a self-automated resistance cable machine.

Soon, the company says, you'll get so involved in the game that you won't even realize how many reps you are doing.


What happens in the VR game

In the game, the players are offered with a virtual reality scenario where they have to perform different motions to beat their own past performance or that of a different player.

"As you go through the experience, you will get a full body workout that is so immersive you will forget you are working out at all," the company says on its website.

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And, what kind of workout this VR game provides

And, what kind of workout this VR game provides

The company says some 30-40 minutes of gaming in the Black Box VR room can lead you to perform a mix of resistance training and high-intensity cardio.

As you perform, all the movements will be tracked with a motion/position tracker that you'd have to wear.

These measurements will then help the company personalize the workout intensity for you.


However, the VR gym isn't cheap

Black Box VR offers a great alternative to regular workout, but their subscription costs a lot.

According to an ABC report, the company will sell 'Hero Access' gym pass at $199/month (Rs. 14,000/month).

The passes provide access to Black Box's mobile app for scheduling sessions and will be sold on a first come and first serve basis.

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