How to send a confidential email on Gmail


01 Jun 2019

#TechBytes: How to send confidential emails on Gmail

Since mid-2018, Gmail has been offering a handy 'confidential mode' for sending emails.

The capability ties a message with additional security features, thereby letting users send sensitive information like ID card or bank account numbers with a sense of safety.

The option works on both desktop and mobile versions of Gmail.

Here's a step-by-step guide to use it.


What makes confidential mode useful

What makes confidential mode useful

When you send a confidential email on Gmail, the message expires after a set period of time, revoking the recipient's power to view its contents.

Plus, even before the message expires, the recipient won't get the option to forward the confidential message, copy its contents, or download it like other emails.

You can also revoke their viewing access prior to the expiration day.


How to send confidential emails on web

To send a confidential email, open and hit 'Compose'.

Next, click on the 'locked clock' icon next to 'Send' button and enter expiry parameters (when you want the message to expire) on the pop-up that opens.

You can also click on the 'SMS passcode' option to lock the email with a passcode which will be sent to the recipient's phone.

Finally, click 'Save'.

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Then, type and send the message

Once the parameters are set, you can go ahead and send the email like a normal one. Here, do note that you'll see a 'content expires' notification at the bottom of the mail, which is Google's way of reminding that you're sending a confidential message.


Sending confidential email via Gmail for mobile

Sending confidential email via Gmail for mobile

The process of sending confidential emails via Gmail for iOS and Android is also pretty similar.

However, in this case, after composing an email, you need to hit the three-dotted button in the upper right corner and tap on 'Confidential mode'.

Once that's done, you will be prompted to enter expiration and passcode parameters and the message will be converted into a confidential one.

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