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05 Jun 2019

#TechBytes: All big features coming to your iPhone this year

In a matter of months, Apple's all-new mobile operating system, the iOS 13, will be hitting your iPhones with some very impressive capabilities.

The platform is aimed at improving the overall user experience and will not just boost the performance of your device but also add interesting new features into it.

Let's take a look at everything it will change.

Feature #1

iPhones will be faster

iPhones will be faster

With iOS 13, your iPhone will perform better than it ever did.

Apple says that the new operating system will make app launches two times faster and Face ID unlocks 30% faster than they were in iOS 12.

Plus, the update will also compress the size of apps, with downloads being 50% smaller and updates being 60% smaller than before.

Feature #2

System wide dark mode

In terms of UI, the biggest change you will see on iOS 13 is dark mode.

It applies across the system, including the settings pages and Apple's default apps like Maps, Apple Music and Notes.

You'd be able to configure the dark mode to work automatically with sunrise and set, and third-party developers will also get the option to integrate it with their apps.

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Feature #3

Sign in with Apple

Sign in with Apple

Along with regular social sign-in options, you'll also find a new 'Sign in with Apple' button inside iOS 13 apps.

The option will let you log in by authenticating your Apple ID via Face ID instead of connecting your Google or Facebook account and risking data sharing.

The feature will also generate a dummy email for you if an app/website asks for an email.

Feature #4

Improved Apple Maps

Apple has also redesigned its native Maps app, bringing realistic details for roads, beaches and parks, as well as the ability to "Look Around".

You can use this option to explore the real view of a region in 3D, much like how Googe's very own street view works.

The app will also let you share your estimated time of arrival with friends, family.

Feature #5

Quick Path for typing by swiping

Quick Path for typing by swiping

Apple has also introduced Quick Path, a way to let users type full words and sentences by swiping their finger from one alphabet to another on the default keyboard.

Swipe-to-type gestures have been available on Android for years, but there is no doubt that Apple users will appreciate the capability.

The dictation feature has also been improved to detect languages automatically.

Feature #6

Health app gets new features

Apple has added new capabilities into its Health app, including the option to track menstrual cycles and hearing health.

The former will tell when your period is likely to start/end, while the latter will assess the loudness level you use for headphones and tell if that's bad for hearing health.

Among other things, Apple has also updated Mail, Notes, Reminders, and Safari.

Other improvements

And, there's more in the package

And, there's more in the package

Apple's list of features goes beyond what we've mentioned here.

The platform will improve the Photos app for high-quality editing of photos and videos; you will also get the option to create personalized memojis and send them as stickers in Messages.

Plus, the OS will also have support for external USBs, SD cards, and hard drives, redesigned volume HUD, and more natural Siri voice.

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