Android Q will keep screen active while looking


09 Jun 2019

Android Q will know when you're looking at phone's screen

Much like iOS 13, Google's Android Q has also raised the anticipation bar sky high.

The platform is expected to offer some mind-blowing features aimed at making the entire user experience smoother and more secure than ever.

And, going by a new report, it will also offer the unique ability to know exactly when you're looking at your phone's screen.

Here's all about it.


'Screen Attention' to keep screen active

'Screen Attention' to keep screen active

While analyzing the fourth developer beta of Android Q, the folks at XDA Developers spotted a feature called 'Screen Attention'.

The capability, when enabled, keeps the screen on as long as you are looking right at it.

It is something similar to Samsung's 'Smart Stay' and can help you read through long articles without tapping on the screen repeatedly to keep it active.


How Android Q will detect your stare

To decide if the screen should remain on, Android Q will use your phone's front camera.

The OS will scan where your eyes are looking at, and if you are found staring at the display, the panel will remain lit regardless of time.

On the contrary, if you are looking somewhere else, the screen will time out as it does normally.

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Data won't go over to Google

Data won't go over to Google

The idea of an Android device using front-facing camera during screen-on time can certainly raise some alarms.

However, it is worth noting that the code strings tied with the feature indicate that it would be a complete on-device capability.

This means that the data collected by the selfie camera while scanning your face won't be stored anywhere on the device or sent to Google.


Availability still remains a point of question

Screen Attention would come with Android Q, but it still remains unknown if the option would hit all Android devices or just the Pixel family.

Google has been keeping some of its fancy features limited to the Pixel phones and it won't be a surprise if it does the same for this one too.

The option would be available in Display settings.

Other features

This is just one of the many Android Q perks

Having said that, it's imperative to note that this is just one of the many things Android Q will have on offer.

The upcoming mobile OS will offer support for a Face ID-like facial recognition system, enhanced privacy controls and app permission settings, reverse app updates, a built-in screen recorder, desktop mode, and iPhone-like full-screen gestures and dark mode.

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