Samsung patent shows phone with rollable display


13 Jun 2019

Samsung patent reveals phone design with rollable display

Samsung has its back against the wall as it struggles to release its beleaguered Galaxy Fold. But that hasn't stopped the company from coming up with innovative design ideas.

In the latest such development, the South Korean tech giant has patented a smartphone with a rollable display that can be pulled out for a larger screen surface.

Here's all about the patent.


What the patent reveals about this ambitious design

What the patent reveals about this ambitious design

Samsung's patent reveals a design which pretty much looks like a regular smartphone of yesteryear with a conventional rectangular display, thick bezels, and a stocky form factor.

But the magic is on the inside where a rollable display is hidden. This secondary display can be pulled out using a slider system to offer an increased surface area with a rather unprecedented aspect ratio.

Practical stuff

Is the design feasible? What are its use cases?

Yes, rollable displays are very much real and feasible. In fact, LG is already working to sell a TV with a rollable OLED screen sometime this year.

As for use cases, it'll be interesting to see how creators make content for such a novel display on a smartphone. As of now, one can think of the classic Tetris game or something like Temple Run.

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Maybe never

When will Samsung release a phone with rollable display?

When will Samsung release a phone with rollable display?

While a patent filing doesn't guarantee that a product is in the works, it certainly does weigh in on the idea of a possibility.

Will Samsung ever release a phone like this? We don't know. But surely, the patent is a good indication that the company is working on new designs and applications as it aims to take lead in this futuristic foldable form-factor.

New ideas

Meanwhile, Samsung is working on a phone with wrap-around display

On a related note, another Samsung patent suggested that the company is working on a phone with a wrap-around display.

It will be like a dual-screen smartphone wherein the main screen will extend through the top and cover 3/4th of the device on the rear.

Interestingly, the screen area could be used for live translations, smart notifications, and more.

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