Gmail is getting 'dynamic emails' from July 2


15 Jun 2019

Soon, you will get web page-like 'dynamic emails' in Gmail

Google's popular email product, Gmail, is all set to change in a big way.

The search giant has confirmed that from next month, users of the service will start getting 'dynamic emails'.

These messages will be designed in such a way that you would be able to interact with them directly, just like one does on regular web pages.

Here's all about it.


Browse products, send replies right through emails

Browse products, send replies right through emails

Till date, all hyperlinked emails landing in your inbox are redirected to external web pages giving you the option to pay, shop or take other actions.

But now, Google is bringing its AMP tech, the system powering some of the fastest-loading web pages, into Gmail for web.

This will let you do everything, from scrolling through products to sending replies, from the email itself.


How this capability would be useful

Though the basic function of Gmail still remains unchanged, the latest capability opens new avenues for users and businesses alike.

For instance, users would be able to sift through hotel or product listings, fill out forms or issue immediate replies to comments on a Google Doc right from within the email.

Even RSVPing on an event would also be possible through the new tech.

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Business advantage

Businesses can better curate promotional materials

Businesses can better curate promotional materials

For businesses, the AMP tech will offer a seamless solution to better curate marketing and transactional materials.

An e-commerce company, per se, would be able to deliver a product catalog customized according to your preferences or a list showing only those products that are on sale/available.

To note, and Pinterest have already partnered with Google to start delivering dynamic emails.

Latest information to be served

Having said that, with the launch of dynamic emails, users will get the latest information whenever they open an email, just how it works with regular web pages. In their current form, emails have static content, hence often times it is outdated.


Desktop web will get dynamic emails, mobile support coming soon

Google has said that every individual using the desktop version of Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Safari browser will start seeing AMP-based dynamic emails starting July 2.

The search giant has also confirmed that the capability would come on Android and iOS devices, but as of now, there is no word on when that might actually happen.

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Even RSVPing

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