19 Jun 2019

Now, an AI robot can do dishes for you

Doing dishes at home may be annoying but we all can take out time for scrubbing a few plates, cups, and bowls.

It's a fairly easy task, but the same cannot be said for a multimillion-dollar restaurant where hundreds of diners are served daily.

Thankfully, now there is a novel way to clean dishes in bulk - an AI robot.

Here's how it works.


Kitchens are facing shortage of dishwashers

Currently, most commercial kitchens, be it restaurants, hotels or cafeterias, hire dishwashers for getting their loads of plates, cups, and bowls cleaned.

However, the low pay, unpleasantness, and health risk in this line of work has led many workers to flee to other fields.

This has triggered a shortage of dishwashing staff, which only appears to be getting worse with time.


Dishcraft's AI robot automates the process

Dishcraft's AI robot automates the process

To tackle the growing problem of dishwasher shortage, Dishcraft Robotics, a Silicon Valley company, has developed an AI robot that serves as a carwash for plates and bowls.

A stack of 70 or so dirty dishes, collected in a special cart, is placed into the machine, which uses a magnetic arm to pick and clean them up.

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AI-guided cameras, sensors check for gunk

The robot uses a rotating wheel and specially-designed scrubber with cold water to flip the dishes upside down and brush their surface.

Once a round of cleaning is completed, it employs AI-guided cameras and sensors to look for signs of gunk of the plate/bowl and determine if another round of scrubbing is needed.

Finally, the dishes are racked and sent out.


No word on pricing or availability

No word on pricing or availability

Dishcraft Robotics has not given a word on the pricing or availability details of their dish-scrubbing robot.

However, considering the capabilities of the bot, it is easy to say that it won't be an affordable buy for those looking to automate dish-cleaning in homes.

It could only prove handy in big restaurants and eateries by trimming their staffing costs significantly.

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