Play Google Pay cricket, win Rs. 3,300


19 Jun 2019

Now, play Google Pay 'cricket' to win Rs. 3,300

Google's UPI-based payments platform Google Pay has introduced a new promotion game in India.

The company has launched mini cricket, dubbed Tez Shots, giving people across the country an opportunity to win as much as Rs. 3,300.

The contest is live and will be up and running till July 31, 2019.

Here's you can take part in it.


Mini game: Google Pay Tez Shots

Mini game: Google Pay Tez Shots

Available within Google Pay app, Tez Shots is all about hitting the ball and scoring as many runs as possible.

The more you score, the better would be your chances of earning Google Pay scratch cards worth up to Rs. 3,300.

Notably, you can play as many times as you want to, and your total score will be taken into account for the rewards.

Here is Google's announcement of the promotion

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Rewards to be given on hitting milestones

When you play, the game will show your best score, total score as well as all-India ranking.

The milestones you hit with your total score would define how much you'll earn in scratch cards.

For instance, you'll get Rs. 50 for 100 runs, Rs. 100 for 500 runs, Rs. 150 for 1,000 runs, Rs. 1,000 for 2,000 runs and Rs. 2,000 for 3,000 runs.


However, do note that the scratch cards would be locked

However, do note that the scratch cards would be locked

Earning scratch cards is as easy as hitting the ball, but redeeming them comes with a caveat.

Simply put, the rewards you earn from the game would be locked, and you would need to complete some transactions to redeem them.

For instance, for the first reward of Rs. 50, you may be asked to do a recharge of Rs. 100.


How to get started

To start playing, head over to the Google Pay app on your Android device and scroll to the 'Tez Shots' icon at the bottom.

Next, click on the 'Play Now' button to start playing the game by hitting the blue colored button to smash the ball thrown by the bowler.

That's about it. All of it is pretty easy.

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