22 Jun 2019

Now, ace presentations with Microsoft's PowerPoint AI: Here's how

Public presentations can be nerve-wracking, even for the best of us.

You can easily make grammatical mistakes, go off-topic, or use too many filler words (like umms and uhhs), making the whole speech messy and boring.

However, Microsoft is here to help; the company has announced an AI-powered tool that would help you ace presentations in the best way possible.

Here's how it works.


Feedback is the key to ace presentations

While practising presentations, we all need honest feedback on how we speak.

It is critical to highlight the flaws of a presenter, be it their style of speaking, pacing with slides, or something else.

But, here's the thing, friends and family members are not always free to see your presentation and walk you through on what needs to be corrected.


This is where Microsoft's 'Presenter Coach' AI comes in

This is where Microsoft's 'Presenter Coach' AI comes in

To end this human dependence, Microsoft is leveraging AI.

The Redmond giant has developed an AI-powered tool called Presenter Coach into PowerPoint to help you rehearse and gain insight into your presentation.

This means, you now have a way to practise your presentation in front of an AI engine, which will provide necessary feedback like your own personal assistant.

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How the AI will correct your mistakes

Once you're done preparing notes for the presentation, head into the rehearsal mode from the bottom right corner of the page.

From there, start speaking and the AI tool will get to work, patiently listening to every word you'll say.

If you'll make any mistake on the way - like in volume, speech cadence, or word-pacing - the AI will interrupt and offer corrections.

Presenter Coach will also check if you're reading slides

The Presenter Coach will also keep an eye on your language, use of filler and abusive words as well as if you're reading the sentences directly from the slides. Plus, all the tips will be offered in real-time, making the whole feedback experience totally realistic.


Finally, you can generate a complete report

Finally, you can generate a complete report

After rehearsing and noting the mistakes, you just have to hit the 'Rehearsal report' button to generate a report of how much time you spent practising and the number of slides presented.

On the basis of this, you'd be able to make the corrections and improve your presentation skills.

The capability could come handy for school presentations as well for people in managerial positions.

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