Why every Slack message is going twice


28 Jun 2019

Slack messages are going twice, reason remains unknown

Over the last few hours, users of popular work collaboration and chat app Slack have reported a weird message repetition issue.

The platform, as the complaints indicate, is either sending messages twice or not sending them at all.

The issue appears to be affecting a large number of users around the world, but there is no official word from Slack yet.

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Issue #1

Every message goes two times

Every message goes two times

The issue, which appears to be associated with some sort of bug in Slack's systems, is causing text messages to go twice, TNW reported.

In some cases, a sent message is posted twice, while in others it doesn't go at all.

Notably, reports of the issue are coming from different parts of India (even we witnessed it) as well as North America and Europe.

Here's what the issue looks like

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Issue #2

Some users are also witnessing problems in uploading media

Along with the double-posting glitch, some users have also complained about problems while uploading images and reacting to messages with emojis on Slack.

However, as of now, it is not clear if the two issues are associated with the same or different bugs.

Slack's System Status page notes a clear case of outage where 'Degraded service' is affecting multiple features, including messaging, file sharing.

Slack silent

Root cause of the problem remains unknown

Root cause of the problem remains unknown

Having said that, the root cause of the problem still remains unclear at the moment.

Slack hasn't issued any comment or statement on the matter, and there is no word on when users of the messaging service can expect a fix.

Either way, we expect a fix to come soon, considering more than 10 million people use the platform daily.

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