Superhuman app unsends emails, offers read receipts


01 Jul 2019

Who would pay $30/month for super-fast emails? Apparently, Valley's VIPs

Over the last 15 years, Gmail has evolved into an excellent email solution - free and easy to use.

The service works well, but even today, there are a number of 'smart capabilities' it could use but doesn't.

Now, this gap is being filled by an all-new email service dubbed 'Superhuman,' the New York Times reported.

Here's all about it.


What is Superhuman

Founded by Rahul Vohra and headquartered in San Francisco, Superhuman is a program (for desktop/web) that offers super smart features to make your emailing experience faster than ever.

It can be accessed through an invite-only system and has gone viral since the launch.

At least 180,000 people are in the waitlist to get access to the service, willing to pay $30/month for it.


You can unsend emails, track if they have been read

You can unsend emails, track if they have been read

Superhuman comes with options to unsend emails and track if they have been read by the recipient.

Plus, it even has a feature called "instant intro," which automatically places the email address of a sender into the 'bcc' section, saving you from the trouble of manually entering the email.

It also offers scheduling suggestions by detecting dates/days in the email body.

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Plus, sifting through emails will be easier

Superhuman also lets you sift through emails more quickly, thanks to its seamless interface and shortcut support.

The service accepts Google accounts but stores data locally on the browser, making it quicker for the user to access a big bunch of emails.

Plus, shortcuts support ensures that you can manage them just at the touch of a button.

Pull up LinkedIn profiles, respond at one touch

Among other things, the service also offers a way to pull up LinkedIn profiles of email senders as well as one-touch shortcuts to send pre-prepared replies declining invitations or to unsubscribe email newsletters.


Superhuman is ideal for workaholics

Superhuman is ideal for workaholics

Despite being used by just 15,000 people, Superhuman makes an ideal smart email app.

The pricing of the service can raise some questions because $30/month isn't something an average email user would be willing to pay for features they won't even use regularly.

However, if you are a workaholic who spends 3-6 hours on email daily, this might be just what you need.

Fun fact: Superhuman is now valued at $260 million

About this latest Valley fad, here's a fun fact: Last month, Superhuman raised a funding of $33 million led by Andreessen Horowitz, whose founder is one of the premium users of the service. The company is valued at $260 million.

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