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02 Jul 2019

OnePlus pushed notification saying 'hahahahaha' to users: Here's why

Just recently, OnePlus 7 Pro users around the world were spammed by a couple of bizarre push notifications.

One of the messages read 'hahahahaha' in Chinese, raising immediate fears of hacking among the users.

However, a few hours later, the Chinese giant claimed that the strange message was nothing but the result of a botched-up internal test.

Here's all about the incident.


Two push notifications appeared on OnePlus 7 Pro devices

Two push notifications appeared on OnePlus 7 Pro devices

Going by the complaints on Twitter, OnePlus 7 Pro users received two official push notifications on Monday.

One message was plain gibberish with a string of random characters, while the other read '哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈', which is the Chinese for 'hahahahaha'.

The messages didn't go to every single OnePlus 7 Pro user but were witnessed by a large number of users around the world.


Fears of a hacking attempt

When weird notifications from OnePlus started appearing, several users thought the company or their device has been hacked; many even considered the case of spamming.

However, shortly after the incident, OnePlus clarified the matter in an official statement, noting that the "OxygenOS team accidentally sent out a global push notification to some OnePlus 7 Pro owners" during an internal test.

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Here is OnePlus' statement


Push notification was sent during Android Q testing

Detailing the matter in a forum post, OnePlus claimed that the weird messages were sent "while the OxygenOS team was conducting a software test for the upcoming Android Q system update."

"Due to an error during the testing process, we accidentally pushed a routine test message," the company said while reassuring users that there is no risk to their personal data.

Push notifications

You can switch off OnePlus push notifications

Though OnePlus claims it is working to prevent an incident like this from happening again, you can control OnePlus push notifications from your end too.

Basically, you can head over to device settings and disable the push notifications from the company altogether.

The move will save you from error notifications if something like this happens in the future.

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