Samsung Galaxy Fold redesign complete, issues fixed


03 Jul 2019

Samsung Galaxy Fold finally redesigned, all issues fixed: Details here

Samsung may have finally fixed its first-ever foldable smartphone, the Galaxy Fold.

To recall, the dual-display device had started breaking just a few days after reviewers received its units for testing.

But now, a report from Bloomberg has indicated that the South Korean giant has completed the redesign of the device, eliminating all the flaws for good.

Here's all you need to know.


Galaxy Fold's display started breaking after announcement

Galaxy Fold's display started breaking after announcement

Back in April, several reviewers had reported display breaking issues on the Galaxy Fold, prompting Samsung to suspend the launch of the device indefinitely.

In some cases, they said, removing a plastic film did the damage to the display while in others, it broke randomly and went blank; there were also reports of bulges under the screen and huge dead spots.


Now, the issues have been resolved

After delaying Fold for nearly two months, sources familiar with the work at Samsung have told Bloomberg that the issues plaguing the device's display have been fixed.

They said the company has stretched the film in such a way that it wraps the entire display and tucks into the bezels, making it practically impossible for a user to peel it off.

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Hinge has also been redesigned

Hinge has also been redesigned

Samsung has also reworked the hinge of Fold, pushing it slightly upward from the screen.

It now sits flush with the display and stretches the film further when the phone opens, making it feel more like a part of the device than an added accessory.

The sources also claimed the redesigned hinge would keep a crease from appearing in the middle of the panel.

Launch date

No word on launch date yet

The report from Bloomberg falls in line with a recent report that said Samsung Display's VP Kim Seong-cheol has confirmed most of the Fold issues have been ironed out.

The company is said to be working on the final commercial version of the device, but as of now, there is no word on when this unit will start hitting the markets around the globe.

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