Microsoft releases Windows 1.11 Stranger Things Edition


08 Jul 2019

Microsoft just released Windows 1.11 with Stranger Things' flavor

Just last week, Microsoft started teasing Windows 1.0, an operating system it had launched more than 30 years ago.

The move puzzled fans around the globe as no one expected the Redmond giant to post photos of a decades-old platform in 2019.

But now we know, Microsoft did all that to bring Windows 1.11, a Stranger Things' specific version of Windows 1.0.

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Why Microsoft is bringing Windows with Stranger Things

Why Microsoft is bringing Windows with Stranger Things

When Microsoft started with the teases, many predicted that the move could be some sort of promotion for Stranger Things 3, which is set in the same year of Windows 1.0's release.

Now, the appearance of Windows 1.11 confirms the theory; Microsoft actually wants Windows 10 users to feel the nostalgia of 1985 and Windows 1.0 with the freaky elements of Stranger Things.


How does Windows 1.11 work

Windows 1.11 app boots like the original Windows 1.0 but builds off Stranger Things 3.

You see glitchy Windows title screen as well as options to choose files and play around with things like MS-DOS Executive, Paint.

Microsoft's description says the game will let you explore mysteries plaguing Hawkins (the city in the show), unlock content and Easter eggs, and play retro games, puzzles.

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You will witness spooky glitches in the game

You will witness spooky glitches in the game

According to a report in Microsoft Central, users will witness a number of glitches throughout the game - a spooky effect mimicking the effect of Upside Down taking over from the show.

Notably, there are several other things in the game that tie to the show and offer an entertaining experience, much like a point-and-click adventure game.


How to get Windows 1.11

Now, if you are interested in trying out Windows 1.11 Stranger Things Edition, head over to the Microsoft Store and search for the same.

Alternatively, you can also click on this link: to open and install the game on your PC.

If the link isn't active, you may have to wait a while to get the game.

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