Technological trends likely in India in 2017


24 Jan 2017

2017 is likely to see noticeable technological influence

The business ecosystem, and even our lives, are fast changing, noticeably and un-noticeably, with the advent of what the International Data Corporation (IDC) calls the third platform of computing - social, mobile, analytics and cloud (SMAC) technologies.

Some of these technologies are likely to take centre stage in India, starting this year.

We explore what these are.

Cognitive softwares

Intelligent programs are fast changing the way we work

Intelligent programs are fast changing the way we work

Machine-learning is a word which is becoming extremely common.

Machine-learning programs are getting smarter by the day with their ability to process massive amounts of data and recognize patterns among the same.

From application in consumer services, to medicine and health, to law, machine-learning algorithms are on the verge of altering the behaviour of over one billion global workers by 2020.


A cyclical process of improvement

Internet-of-things (IoT) is the inter-networking of of physical devices (phones, cars, buildings, gadgets etc.) which allows exchange of data between these devices.

In a cyclical process, machines are interacting with each other without human intervention and generating colossal amounts of data daily, which, in turn is augmenting machine-learning and cognitive computing.

2017 is likely to see the inflection point of IoT in India.

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3D printing

On the path towards the third industrial revolution

Unlike traditional manufacturing, which is a subtractive process (objects are constructed by cutting material away from a block of material), 3D printing is an additive process which synthesizes three-dimensional objects without requiring complicated production line processes, thus enabling production in garages, retail shops etc.

As costs go down and the technology grows, we could very well be headed for a third industrial revolution.

Next-gen security

A new paradigm in data security

Marking a paradigm shift in data protection, the days of complicated alpha-numeric passwords are coming to an end.

The emerging next generation of security systems are making passwords personalized by merging biometric information with behavioural data to reduce chances of information and accounts being compromised.

Furthermore, network security is moving to a "managed services model" which responds in real-time to hacking attempts.

Natural User Interfaces

The emergence of new user interfaces

The emergence of new user interfaces

From bar phones to our current multi-touch phones and computers, the human-machine interactive space has changed a lot.

However, even that is going to undergo a radical change with voice recognition, gesture recognition, augmented reality interfaces slowly creeping into daily life.

With the advent of voice, touch, and gesture capable hardware and software, we are staring at a future of new age platforms.

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