How to read 'deleted' WhatsApp messages


13 Jul 2019

Want to read 'deleted' WhatsApp messages? Try these tricks

WhatsApp, the world's biggest messaging platform, has long been offering the ability to 'unsend' messages.

The feature comes handy in correcting mistakes or redacting unintentional messages, but the fact is, if a message has been deleted either by the sender or the recipient, it cannot be read.

However, fret not, we have got some easy tricks to do just that.

Let's take a look.

Trick #1

How to see messages deleted from your own end

How to see messages deleted from your own end

If you deleted received messages or a whole thread accidentally, you can recover it by restoring WhatsApp's chat backup.

WhatsApp creates local device backups on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

If you've got daily backups enabled, you can immediately uninstall and install WhatsApp, go through the regular login process, and restore backed up messages when prompted.

Restrictions with backup restore option

This particular method is useful in the case of multiple messages or an entire thread. Also, do note that you cannot recover messages deleted after the creation of the last backup and the restoration process has to be completed before the next backup is created.

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Trick #2

If the sender 'unsends' a message

If the sender has 'deleted the message for everyone', a third party app designed to keep a log of all your notifications and incoming messages can come in handy.

There are several apps on Google Play Store, but you can try Notification History or Notif Log Notification History.

Once installed, it will keep a track of every notification, including those of deleted WhatsApp messages.


Things to keep in mind before using notification loggers

Things to keep in mind before using notification loggers

With a notification-logging app, you can check deleted messages, but the service would need access to Android's notification register, which is a major security risk.

In some cases, these apps may also not display the whole message or just show a single line.

And, if the phone is restarted, it would be impossible to recover messages because the system's log would automatically get cleared.

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