Slack is making its desktop app faster


23 Jul 2019

Soon, your Slack app will be faster than ever

Slack for desktop and web is getting a major update, one that doesn't bring any new features but revamps the entire infrastructure of the Slack experience.

The change will drastically improve the work collaboration app, making it faster and easier for you to communicate with your colleagues and bosses.

Here's everything about the latest update.


Rebuilt Slack to focus on speed, faster load times

Slack has rebuilt the underlying technologies of its desktop and web clients.

The company says the platform will now launch 33% faster than before (a big boost) and also use 50% RAM than its legacy version.

This would not only improve the performance of the app but also make it easier for users to navigate between multiple workspaces within the same app.


How Slack achieves this performance boost

How Slack achieves this performance boost

Previously, when a user logged into multiple workspaces inside the same app, the program created a standalone copy of each workspace and ate RAM for it.

But, with the latest infrastructural changes in place, the underlying code of the program has been modified to be multi-workspace capable and reuse components without using too much memory.

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Other improvements

You'll also see call improvements, snappier app behavior

Among other things, Slack's rebuilding, which has taken nearly two years to become a reality, will focus on making call connections faster.

Plus, it will also perform better when there is no connection on your computer by using improved caching sessions.

This will let you view conversations without the internet, something that isn't possible in the current iteration of Slack web and desktop.

Roll out

Update rolling out starting today

The improved version of Slack has started rolling out to the public and would be available to every user of the platform in the coming weeks.

Alternatively, if you want to force the update, head over to Slack's website and download the latest version of service for your operating system.

The update will be applied over the existing version.

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Rebuilt Slack

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