Microsoft bringing internet recovery for Windows 10


05 Aug 2019

Soon, you will be able to recover Windows via internet

Microsoft is building a new capability for Windows, one that would let you recover the operating system via the internet.

The feature would make a major upgrade for the platform, saving you from the tricky mess of installation devices that are needed to recover or reinstall the OS.

Here's all you need to know about it.


Web-based software installation is now a thing

If you notice, almost all software programs, be it VLC or Photoshop, can be downloaded from the internet.

You don't have to buy and keep a physical installation disk to ensure that the software remains on your machine and is re-installed whenever required.

Now, this is a major change but one that's not true for Windows 10, which still relies on bootable USBs, disks.


Microsoft is working on a work-around

Microsoft is working on a work-around

In order to tackle the years-old problem, Microsoft is working on an internet recovery feature for Windows 10.

The WalkingCat reports that the "bootux" (bootable user experience) of a new Windows insider build for fast ring users mentions ways to reinstall the OS - "Cloud Download" and "Reset Locally".

The first option, as the name indicates, would download, install Windows via the internet.

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How the new option would work?

While it remains unclear how the new option would re-install Windows, reports indicate that the capability would initiate a clean install of the OS, pulling the latest version of the platform from Microsoft's servers.

This would save the trouble of heading over to Microsoft's site and downloading the Media Creation software for installing the operating system manually.


No word on official release yet

No word on official release yet

The feature is said to debut with Windows Insider Fast Ring build 18950 - the preview of Windows 10 20H1 update, Microsoft's next big release for the OS.

It remains unclear when the Redmond giant will push it out, but the move would certainly bring Windows 10 a tad close to MacOS, which already offers internet-based recovery with a certain keyboard combination on boot.

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