15 Aug 2019

Love coffee? This robot makes 100 cups in an hour

From preparing meals to actually delivering them, robots are taking charge of every major task in the food-tech industry.

They are replicating human-level skills to perfection and offering businesses a lucrative option to boost their productivity and revenues.

Now, in another example of this 'robotic revolution', a bot can brew coffee at the pace of four Baristas combined.

Here's all about it.


Coffee Haus offers 100 cups in an hour

The machine, dubbed Coffee Haus, comes from the house of Briggo, an Austin-based company, and automatically brews 100 cups of gourmet coffee in an hour.

Its output matches that of human workers (four Baristas), and the taste of the specialty coffee remains just as good.

Plus, you can pick the ingredients of your choice and have the coffee brewed as per your choosing.


Use an app to order from Briggo

Unlike regular coffee vending machines or stores, which have been around for a long while, Briggo's robot doesn't need human support at any step of the brewing process.

It uses Latin American beans and works in conjunction with an app, which provides users a list of options to pick the strength of the coffee, flavorings, espresso shots, and even temperature of their choice.

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Once the coffee is ready, you get a text

Once the coffee is ready, you get a text

After the brewing and filling the coffee in a cup, the bot sends a text on the customers' phone so that they can go and pick it up instantly.

This, as Briggo explains, eliminates all the problems people face while ordering a coffee, The Washington Post reported.

"No more lines, no more counter confusion, no more misspelled names," its website reads.


Coffee Haus operates only in the US

Though Coffee Haus is a coffee lover's treat, it is not available for those in India.

The machine only operates at seven locations in Texas and will soon open at the 8th destination - the San Francisco International Airport.

However, if something like this, or even remotely similar, launches at public places in India, we are pretty sure people would love it.

Briggo CEO says the machine will thrive at airports

Kevin Nater, the CEO of Briggo, says the machine's high-output and efficient performance makes it an ideal addition for places like airports, office buildings, where time is less and convenience is important. He further adds the machine would also tackle the problem of worker shortages.

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