Gmail will use AI to correct grammar, spellings


23 Aug 2019

Now, Gmail will use AI to correct grammar, spelling mistakes

Writing an email with zero errors requires a lot of effort, especially for people who are no expert in English.

It's an issue that tools like Grammarly help alleviate, but now, the solution is coming into Gmail itself.

The Google-owned service is introducing AI-powered spelling and grammar correction capabilities for all G Suite users.

Here's all you need to know about it.


Minor spelling mistakes would be corrected automatically

We often make minor spelling mistakes while writing an email in a hurry.

These errors are too small to be noticed, which is why Google is now tackling them automatically.

The search giant has said that Gmail will automatically correct "common spelling mistakes" without requiring you to do anything while typing out a message in the composer of the service.

Other corrections

Inline suggestions to be offered for other spellings, grammatical errors

Inline suggestions to be offered for other spellings, grammatical errors

For lesser common spelling mistakes and grammatical errors, Gmail's machine learning algorithms will offer inline suggestions.

The errors would be highlighted with a squiggly line, which you will be able to click instantly to see and choose the right word or form of grammar.

Notably, the algorithms will correct most forms of grammatical errors, including those related to the use of tenses and verbs.

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Red and blue lines to highlight mistake

It is worth noting here that grammatical errors' correction would be suggested with blue colored lines while spelling corrections would be offered by highlighting the incorrect word in red. Plus, auto-corrected words would be underlined so that you could easily note and undo the change.


AI-based corrections would be enabled by default

Google has confirmed that all G Suite users will get AI-based spelling and grammar correction features over the coming weeks.

The capabilities would be enabled by default, but users who do not want to use the features will get the option to disable them manually in settings.

You could use this, for instance, to disable automatic spelling correction but leave grammar suggestions on.

Other features

Gmail already offers AI-based writing features

Gmail already offers AI-based writing features

The upgrade for Gmail comes just as Google continues to improve the email service with handy AI-powered features, including the ability to analyze a person's writing style and predict what they are going to type.

However, as of now, it is not clear when the AI-powered grammar and spelling checking capabilities would be available for other, free users of the service.

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