How to send web pages to other devices?


13 Sep 2019

Chrome can send web pages to other devices: Here's how

Google is finally pushing the next big update for Chrome web browser - Chrome 77.

The update comes with a number of features, but the thing that has drawn most of our attention is its ability to share a web page from one device to another in a matter of seconds.

Here's how you can use this capability.


Sharing web pages across devices was never easy

Whether you are browsing the web or reading a long interesting article, it is never easy to open the same thing on another device.

Who would want to go through all the trouble of saving a bookmark and then accessing it on another device?

Even copying the link to some other service and opening it on the web is equally messy and time-consuming.


Chrome 77 makes sharing simpler between devices

To simplify the whole sharing process, Chrome 77 is providing users with an option to share web pages instantly.

The capability lets you send a web page from one device to another as long as the same Google account is logged on both devices.

Also, it works on a range of platforms, allowing sharing between Chrome for Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac.

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How to use this feature?

How to use this feature?

When you're reading something on Chrome for desktop and willing to continue the same on mobile, right-click on the tab and select the option mentioning your phone's name.

The process for mobile to desktop is also similar, but here, you'd have to select the name of your notebook by heading over to Share > Send to your devices after tapping on the three-dotted button.


Once you share, notification appears on the targeted device

Once you share a web page, the targeted device receives a notification, allowing you to continue the browsing or reading seamlessly.

The capability is available for people running Chrome 77 on their devices with the same Google account logged-in on sender and receiver devices.

If the account is not same, you won't see the device name on your list.

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