Android TV v/s Smart TV: The key differences


13 Sep 2019

Android TV v/s Smart TV: Which one should you buy?

There were times when a good television was as good as the display it offered. However, that isn't true for modern televisions.

Today, a TV is about the connectivity options, pre-loaded content, and the kind of software it runs on. There are a myriad of choices.

If you are confused between a Smart TV and an Android TV, here's all you need to know.

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What is a Smart TV?

Firstly, we have HDTVs which use a set-top box or a cable connection to work. Now add internet connectivity and some built-in apps and the result is a Smart TV.

Much like smartphones, Smart TVs come with support for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and generally run on a Linux-based software (like webOS, Tizen, HomeOS).

They also come with pre-installed apps and may even support digital assistants.

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And, what is an Android TV?

And, what is an Android TV?

Simply put, an Android TV is a Smart TV that runs Google's Android operating system.

An Android TV comes with a Google Play Store that brings support for thousands of apps along with built-in Google Assistant which can be used to discover content, control home devices and more.

There's also built-in Chromecast which helps to cast content from your smartphone straight to the TV.

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Our pick

So, which one should you buy?

Keeping aside factors like display quality, sound, and other hardware-related stuff, we'd suggest an Android TV for three main reasons.

Firstly, you get way more apps on the Google Play Store than offered by any Smart TV.

Secondly, built-in Google Assistant and Chromecast will enhance your TV viewing experience.

And finally, Android TV gets timely updates which bring improvements and new features.

Stuck with an HDTV? Get a Chromecast

However, if you're not willing to invest in a new TV, you can convert your dumb HDTV into a smart one using the Google Chromecast 3. The device brings support for over 800 apps, upto 1080p streaming, Google Assistant as well as casting feature.

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