Why astronauts can't get drunk in space?

21 Feb 2017 | By Vaneet Randhawa
Space's complex and weird relationship with alcohol

It is common knowledge that the consumption of alcoholic beverages is banned by government agencies for astronauts going to International Space Station (ISS).

According to NASA's Johnson Space Centre spokesperson alcohol and other active compounds are banned on ISS as they can adversely impact the station's water recovery system.

Added to this is the sense of responsibility within a $150 billion space station.

In context: Space's complex and weird relationship with alcohol

1969World's first recorded alcoholic drink in space

In an interview, astronaut Buzz Aldrin revealed that he had consumed a "little wine on the moon" in an outer-space communion ceremony.

However, he didn't know what it tasted like in space.

This scene could never be broadcast because of the fear of hurting litigious atheist groups, who were harrowing NASA on this issue.

1990sRussians find a way to get alcohol

While ISS was strict about the prohibition of alcohol, Russian astronauts on board of its Mir space station in the 1990s were provided humble amounts of cognac and vodka.

Aleksandr Lazutkin, who stayed aboard the Mir space station said that not only was liquor available but that it was approved by their doctors.

They were prescribed to keep them "in tone" and "neutralize tension".

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09 Sep 2015Alcohol in space but the astronauts can't touch it!

Brands like Ballantine's have sent their whiskey into space for testing.

Post that came the vials of Ardbeg whisky which were sent to the International Space Station.

The alcohol came back tasting better, however, the astronauts were not allowed to touch it.

In other words, the way alcohol ages in space is much different, which makes it taste "better, faster".

21 Feb 2017Why astronauts can't get drunk in space?

No mouthwash, perfume or aftershave either!

Talking about volatile compounds, cosmonauts on the space station cannot carry products which contain alcohol, such as mouthwash, perfume, or aftershave. A mere beer spill poses the risk of damaging equipment.