What makes Google Assistant better than Siri, Alexa


13 Oct 2019

#TechBytes: Why Google Assistant is better than Siri and Alexa

We all see Google Assistant as a 'digital butler' that can do a range of tasks on a single command.

It's incredibly capable, but the thing is, Alexa and Siri also make formidable challengers with pretty similar features.

This obviously makes picking a smart assistant difficult, but there are some key things that only Assistant can do and others cannot.

Let's take a look.

Advantage #1

Google Assistant takes three commands, one after the other

While Siri and Alexa require you to use their respective wake word for every new command, Google Assistant has the ability to take three commands one after the other.

This makes the conversation more natural and gives the ability to have as many as three commands executed in one go i.e. without taking a pause and dividing the three commands.

Advantage #2

Assistant can talk in different voices

Assistant can talk in different voices

Along with taking command in a series, Google Assistant also offers more voice options for interaction.

Alexa has the default female voice, Siri has a male or female voice with different accents, but Google Assistant packs more than 10 voice options with a variety of male, female voices speaking in Indian English, American English, and other accents.

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Advantage #3

It also speaks in Hindi and other Indian languages

Alexa recently started speaking in Hindi, but it is no match to Google Assistant, which can converse in Hindi as well as eight other Indian languages.

You just have to say 'Okay Google, Hindi mein bolo' and it will start talking in the same language.

To note, the other supported languages are Malayalam, Gujarati, Kannada, Urdu, Bengali, Marathi, Tamil, and Telugu.

Advantage #4

Google Assistant devices can play music via Wi-Fi

Many may not know this, but Google Assistant-powered smart speakers and displays can play music via Wi-Fi.

Normally, the connection to play music from a phone or computer is established via Wi-Fi. But, this particular capability lets you cast streaming audio via Wi-Fi.

It delivers clearer audio with a range much better than that of Bluetooth.

Advantage #5

Finally, Google Assistant can handle more queries

Finally, Google Assistant can handle more queries

Though you can't test every possible query, a detailed study conducted back in August revealed that Google Assistant is most effective at handling questions.

Specifically, they found, Assistant can correctly answer 93% of the questions, while Siri and Alexa can handle just 83% and 80% respectively.

So, if you go for Assistant, there is a good chance that your query would be handled perfectly.

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