Netflix releases DIY video for personal training device

05 Mar 2017 | By Shiladitya Ray
The Netflix-themed personal trainer

Netflix has released a 'do-it-yourself' instructional video on how to make a Netflix-themed personal trainer.

Although a bit of technical know-how is needed, the device can be built at home.

According to company instructions, the device, once constructed, can connect to your tablet or phone via bluetooth and monitor your work-out sessions using those devices' accelerometers.

In context: The Netflix-themed personal trainer

05 Mar 2017Netflix releases DIY video for personal training device

Netflix Hack Days

All Netflix inventions are born out of the company's bi-annual Hack Days, which encourages employees to be creative beyond their usual workloads.
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How does the personal trainer work?

DeviceHow does the personal trainer work?

You can set your work-out level on the device.

The device then records this setting, and whenever you fall below your work-out threshold, the device pauses or stops the music on your tablet or phone to share inspirational messages from Netflix characters of your choosing.

If you stop exercising, Netflix will stop functioning as well, with motivational messages being played instead of video streaming.

Motivational messages

For example, Queen Elizabeth's character from The Crown might try to motivate you by saying, "A revolution must come from within". Similarly, other Netflix characters like Pablo Escobar, Kimmy Schmidt, BoJack Horseman, etc. can be selected.

Netflix DIYsOther Netflix inventions

The personal trainer is just one of Nextflix's Make It series of DIY instructional videos.

Another such invention is a button, a single press of which turns off the lights, orders food, and turns on Netflix.

Last spring, Netflix came up with a concept called Commit Hack which connects your Netflix account to fitness/skill-development apps and only turns on Netflix when you complete goals.