Snapchat takes swift jab at Instagram on April Fool's day

02 Apr 2017 | By Anish Chakraborty

Mark Zuckerberg has apparently decided to turn both Facebook and Instagram, into Snapchat clones.

Although, that might just be a nuisance for us, to Snapchat it means losing out millions of users due to the lack of their unique selling point.

Snapchat, however decided to give one back to Instagram on April Fool's day in its own quirky way.

In context: Snapchat has no love for copy-cat

02 Apr 2017Snapchat takes swift jab at Instagram on April Fool's day

Bad sportWhy all the hate Mark?

Snapchat turned down Mark Zuckerberg's $3 billion offer to buy Snapchat.

Now Mark has been copying Snapchat quirks trying to strangle out the competition.

A Guardian article cited that Mark Zuckerberg has tried almost 15 times now with varied levels of success to acquire Snapchat. Their latest article said, "This is getting silly now".

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New Snapchat  filter, it's pseudo-Instagram

Witty takeNew Snapchat filter, it's pseudo-Instagram

Keeping up with the April fool's day spirits, Snapchat decided to take one on Instagram by adding Instagram's interface as one of their filters for a day.

It's all Instagram-ish but with Snapchat written on top, just like Instagram stories are all Snapchat stories just parading around in a different name.

Hey Instagram! Apply some water to the burn area, maybe?

Confusing stuffIs this a prank or is this a real thing?

It's very confusing when someone decides to offer you something on an April fool's day.

Apparently, Duolingo now have a new course which teaches you how to talk with emoji's in mini classes that last five minutes every day.

This better be some real one because one is not sure still if it is a poop emoji or a chocolate ice-cream emoji.