Start-up promoting consensual sex struggles with funding


04 Apr 2017

Start-up pitching "love" against "porn" fails to impress investors

MakeLoveNotPorn (MLNP) lets its users upload videos of them engaging in consensual sex.

Its goal is to show the difference between real-life sex and hardcore make-believe porn which portrays a natural act in a very different light than what it is in essence.

Although, MLNP has garnered interest via word-of-mouth reviews, it is now struggling to get any funds from investors or others.


Why is MLNP not getting "lucky" with investors?

Why is MLNP not getting "lucky" with investors?

The proximity to mainstream porn industry keeps investors away from being tagged with MLNP and other sex-tech start-ups.

The association of porn industry even shuns online payment mediums like Visa, Mastercard and PayPal from processing payments online.

MLNP founder Cindy Gallop believes porn industry needs to be disrupted badly, but has been unable to even list a kickstarter due to regulations around "adult" listings.

Sexually liberating

The grey area between black and white

MLNP in a documentary recorded behind the scenes of participants, who have had sex on camera and how the experience affected them individually and their relationship.

The couples involved, appeared hopeful that their videos might reach out to people and change the present dismal situation of sex education.

One woman claimed that MLNP has helped her discover her womanhood and sexuality.

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Future talks

MLNP eyes the land of kamasutra for expansion

MLNP eyes the land of kamasutra for expansion

Founder of MLNP, Cindy Gallop is now in talks with investors to set up the platform in India.

Although the present site has no presence in India, the traffic from India is high on the site along with enquiries.

Gallop believes that incidents of sexual violence would subside when citizen can freely talk about sex and have a basic sex education.

Cause of concern

Rape porn is spreading among Indians

In an expose it was found that India has a wide business underbelly of rape pornography lurking in the shadows.

Shopkeepers were found trading rape videos ranging between Rs. 20 to Rs. 100 dubbed "WhatsApp sex videos" and "local films."

Social psychologists cited patriarchy and cultural conditioning of Indian males for the spread of these videos where women are suppressed via rape.

Wrong learning

Sex education via porn is recipe for disaster

Sex education via porn is recipe for disaster

Porn being easily available on the Internet becomes the source of sex education among teenagers.

Mainstream porn tends to foster violence, as hardcore sex is common place in porn.

Women on the receiving end of the aggression is portrayed.

Porn plays a major role in young people's view on sex thus violence in porn is something that an individual imbibes and thinks is normal.

Porn has more people hooked than any other drug

Research says that men tend to focus more on the face of the woman while watching porn. But no matter who watches it more, its demand is steadily rising. In 2014, there were 4.2 million sites dedicated to porn in USA alone.

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