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11 Apr 2017

Nokia's comeback arsenal includes 5G plans

Nokia is here with nostalgia and future plans

It's the return of an old friend and Indian consumers can't help but dive in nostalgia when it comes to Nokia.

This time around, Nokia is not only back with its smartphones but is also gearing up to bring 5G network in India.

It has already signed MoUs with Indian telecom giants Airtel and BSNL and here's what it is up to.

In context

Nokia is here with nostalgia and future plans
Nokia wants a part of the 5G action


Nokia wants a part of the 5G action

Indians have already got a taste of 4G and it's only natural that they now want to be part of 5G bandwagon.

The said MoUs have been made with the aims of exploring the possibilities of introducing 5G in India and taking required steps to do the same.

Nokia is also going to set up an experience centre in Bengaluru to gauge stakeholder requirements.

From Pulp mill to communications giant

Nokia made its debut in 1865 as a pulp mill from which it moved on to rubber products and finally, a communications giant. In a 2006 survey Fortune declared Nokia to be at number 20 in their list of most Admirable companies in the World.

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5G plan

5G is the next logical step of mobile networking

5th generation wireless systems are slated to be the next leap of mobile networks from the current 4G in practice.

It aims at providing a faster and efficient mobile network experience that is supposed to halve the current time required for downloading data.

Nokia is keen on preparing the groundwork for this technology, which is supposed to make its commercial debut in 2019-20 globally.

Reliance Jio and Samsung's 5G agreement


Reliance Jio and Samsung's 5G agreement

Reliance Jio and Samsung are also working on an I&G (Infill & Growth) Project which includes laying down the groundwork for 5G in India.

The partnership of these companies goes as far back as 2012 when they signed a turn-key agreement. Samsung currently acts as Jio's end-to-end LTE solutions partner and has been instrumental in creating a nationwide network for Jio.


When are we getting our hands on a Nokia?

HMD Global which now makes Nokia phones said that, they will spread the iconic Nokia 3310 simultaneously in 120 markets within Q2 2017. The firm will then subsequently launch Nokia 3, 5 and 6.

New rumours have now surfaced saying that Nokia 9 is going to see a June-July release and is going to cost roughly around Rs. 44,999 for the consumers in India.

Among the first

The world's first satellite call was made using a Nokia GSM handset in 1994 and the world's first commercial GSM call was made by the then Prime Minister of Finland Harri Holkeri in 1991 using a Nokia phone over a Nokia-supplied network.

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