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12 Apr 2017

Facebook now has 5 million business advertisers on its platform

Facebook is thriving by helping businesses thrive

If you are from the 21st century, you are on social media, so it is inevitable that companies are now more focused on Facebook advertisements than ever.

Not only for the biggies but Facebook has also helped several indie businesses to make a mark via the social media platform.

All these have made Facebook richer, literally and figuratively with 8 million active advertisers.

In context

Facebook is thriving by helping businesses thrive
We need an idea, some funds and Facebook


We need an idea, some funds and Facebook

According to its official blog, Facebook currently has 65 million businesses with 'Pages' and the top three categories of advertisement are e-commerce, entertainment & media, and retail.

It has also noted that 75% of these advertisements are from outside the United States.

Facebook and Google are the two giants, who will dominate and constitute 46% of online ad spending in 2018 according to eMarketer.

New Features

Bringing new changes to facilitate growth

Celebrating their important milestone, Facebook rose up to the occasion by introducing some new features for their advertisers.

Advertisers will now have a "one click" option in Facebook's ads manager to extend the period for their high-performing ads, and a desktop version of their Pages Manager App Inbox which allows the advertisers to communicate with their consumers.

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India is rising up in Facebook advertisement space


India is rising up in Facebook advertisement space

Facebook has mentioned that India along with Thailand, Brazil, Mexico and Argentina are some of its fastest growing markets in terms of advertising on their platform.

Facebook has already established small business councils in the USA, India, Brazil and Germany and plans to announce councils in several other countries this year.

Facebook brought 360-degree videos to users

After Facebook acquired Oculus VR in 2014 it has brought about immersive 360-degree videos, which were a first on social media platform, to users' News Feeds.


Instagram is also performing admirably

Instagram is relatively new to the advertising business but this platform is also bearing fruits for Mark Zuckerberg as it already has 8 million business profiles and around 1 million advertisers, who are making use of this platform globally, as of now.

Instagram is gradually making its way to online advertising and remains the darling of small businesses in e-commerce space worldwide.

Did you upload one today?

Around 95 million photos or videos are shared on Instagram on a daily basis and they garner about 4.2 billion likes per day.

It's all in your smartphones now


It's all in your smartphones now

Facebook noted that almost 50% of advertisers now create ads on mobile devices and 90% of the Facebook users take to their smartphones when it comes to browsing through their timelines.

With mobile advertising accounting for 84% of Facebook's ad revenue it is, perhaps, a sign of how the languages of advertising are changing over time.


Twitter is mulling on starting a paid service

Several enterprises are already making use of Twitter as an influential medium to extend their consumer reach in the recent times.

Twitter is now mulling on starting a subscription based service of TweetDeck which will give people access to powerful tools to tap into the platform and get information on a real-time basis.

The move will also help bifurcating serious users from casual drop-ins.

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