Revamped Google Earth to be unveiled on April 18

14 Apr 2017 | By Anish Chakraborty
A 'brand new' Google Earth, says press release

Google is going to unveil a new version of Google Earth at an event in New York's Whitney Museum of Art on April 18th, just before the Earth Day.

Although, invites that are being sent out are ambiguous and do not reveal any details, they do say that those present in the event will get a, "first look at the brand new experience."

In context: A 'brand new' Google Earth, says press release

14 Apr 2017Revamped Google Earth to be unveiled on April 18

DaydreamGoogle Daydream support is a strong possibility

Chances are we might see the transition of HTC Vive-exclusive Google Earth VR app into the Daydream View headset.

Google Earth VR allowed users to take cinematic tours without even leaving home and it was promised that the feature would also be available on other platforms.

Google's own VR device Daydream and others might become a part of this experience in the revamped version.

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Apple users to benefit from the Google Earth revamped version

UpgradeApple users to benefit from the Google Earth revamped version

The hint of a change has made Apple users hopeful about an upgrade of the Earth iOS app to 64-bit code.

With Apple saying that the 32-bit apps, which include Google Earth, would not be supported in future versions of iOS, it is likely and highly anticipated that a 64-bit upgrade is on its way with the new Google Earth version.

Google Earth ProHave you tried Google Earth Pro?

Google Earth Pro was previously a paid service, but with the recent changes, an unpaid subscriber can also experience the same benefits as paid customers as Pro has been made free.

With the Pro version, you can avail features like adding your image to the maps, going through a historical timeline of a place, start walking tours and much more.

Google EarthHere's how Google Earth works

Google Earth doesn't capture its own images but rather arranges all the images from different companies like AeroWest, DigitalGlobe and NASA together, so that one can zoom into specific areas.

The software knits the images together to give users a more detailed picture as the images, which when captured are not clear enough to focus on minute details.

AlternativesGoogle Earth's alternatives that one may try

Marble allows multiple viewing options and a 3D globe version of the map. In does not only limit its features to locations or street views but also hosts temperature and precipitation data.

Earth Browser is a virtual simulation of Earth rather than real-time satellite imagery, which also hosts real-time weather conditions, a week of forecast and has a free trial mode.

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Finding home via Google Earth

The Oscar-nominated film "Lion (2017)" is based on a real-life story of a boy who was able to relocate his hometown years later through Google Earth. The film adaptation of this story stars Nicole Kidman and Dev Patel and was directed by Garth Davis.