Gin aids in weight loss by increasing metabolism

17 Apr 2017 | By Anish Chakraborty
Gin! (hic) I need to lose weight

A study conducted at the University of Sigulda in Latvia claims that Gin aids in burning calories.

Thisa Lye, the lead study author said, "Consumption of gin resulted in a marked increase in metabolic rate, which indicates the spirit may have a slimming effect on the body."

Let's raise each other a glass of gin and find out all about it, shall we?

In context: Gin! (hic) I need to lose weight

17 Apr 2017Gin aids in weight loss by increasing metabolism

Metabolic rateJuniper berries hailed to be reason behind this increased metabolism

The study found that Gin which is made of Juniper berries has a high content of anti-oxidant which aids in increasing the metabolism.

The experiment on mice saw an increase of 17% metabolic rate and lessened calories aiding the conclusion.

Found mostly in Europe, these berries besides aiding in increased metabolism also help ease inflammation caused due to arthritis and help with digestion.

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Safest alcoholic drink, at least that's what study says

GinSafest alcoholic drink, at least that's what study says

At just 97 calories per shot, Gin is hailed to be the lowest-calorie spirit.

A study published in the Journal of Diabetes Nursing in 2008 claimed people with Type-1 diabetes should switch to gin and tonic from other alcoholic drinks because of the calorie safety that it ensures.

Gin when mixed with sugar-sweetener mixers, however, leads to bloating, decreased metabolism and affects digestion process.

Summer woesIced Tea hailed as a cause of Cholera, eh?

Experts from Vietnam in a study claimed that iced tea and un-boiled water consumption increases the risk of cholera in the countries which are already threatened by it.

Statistics shows 22% people suffering from cholera to have consumed iced tea in the week prior to being diagnosed with the disease.

FYI, WHO describes cholera as a disease which when left untreated can be fatal.

Health gyaanMyths about food get busted by leading nutritionist

According to nutritionist Pooja Makhija, carbohydrates do not make you fat, in fact, one needs carbohydrates to burn fat. One should balance the diet with at least 60% carbohydrates in it to aid weight loss.

Also, dieting doesn't necessarily aid in weight loss, it is only if one's meal is balanced in carbohydrates, proteins and vitamins then it helps with weight loss.

Books, coffee and chocolates

The study by researchers from University College London (UCL) has found that most old books smell like coffee and chocolate. Books release volatile organic compounds when opened, which our brain picks up to interpret a familiar smell out of it i.e. coffee and chocolate.