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19 Apr 2017

A brand new twist to the old Google Earth tale

Google Earth decks itself up before Earth Day

Google has updated one of the most intriguing services provided by them - the Google Earth.

The tech giant has given it a fresh interface and now it comes loaded with several new tricks up its sleeve to enthral users all around the world.

Enigmatically Google Earth director Rebecca Moore puts her point across, "This is our gift to the world."

In context

Google Earth decks itself up before Earth Day
No need to depend on the standalone app anymore


No need to depend on the standalone app anymore

Following the upgrades, Google Earth is also available on the web, so users don't need to rely on the standalone app anymore.

Google Earth can now be accessed from a web browser on your desktop, which also allows the service to tap into a more powerful Internet cloud instead of being dependent on the capacities of smartphones and other handheld devices.


Connect with the world via interactive stories

One of the most interesting upgrades is the 'Voyager' feature, which presents curated contents for users in form of interactive stories giving them a chance to explore the planet.

These stories would be told by experts from the likes of BBC Earth, NASA, Sesame Street, and the Jane Goodall Institute.

Moreover, tales will come with 360-degree videos of landmarks making it more enjoyable.

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A fun filled learning process


A fun filled learning process

Another notable feature in the Google Earth is dedicated towards fun learning purposes by using, 'I'm Feeling Lucky' dice.

The dice takes the user to a random place on Earth and then throws "knowledge cards" on the screen which carry trivia about the place.

"It's a product that speaks to our deepest values around education and making information available to people," said Moore.


AI makes a debut in Google Earth

The knowledge cards mentioned earlier will be curated by the Google's artificial intelligence system.

Not only it would provide these cards with information from around the globe, but it would also suggest locations based on users' interests.

"Everything Google knows about the world, you can know about the world," stated Earth engineering manager Sean Askay.

High-resolution 3D maps of landmarks


High-resolution 3D maps of landmarks

In its latest iteration, Google Earth will provide users with amazing high-resolution 3D maps with bird's eye view of many landmarks and various locations.

Presently it will only be supported by Chrome and will be available for download from Google Play Store soon. Google is also working on the nitty-gritty of releasing the services on other browsers.

Hiding opulence beside poverty

Google Earth is banned in Bahrain as it allowed the citizens to see vast royal-owned land and their palaces next to poor and overcrowded Shi'ite villages.

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