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20 Apr 2017

Facebook F8: Day 2 brings in more surprises

Facebook F8: it's not over until it's over

Facebook F8 conference held at San Jose, has already showcased new features on day 1 ranging from AR innovation to developing codes to facilitate Messenger bots.

Day 2 brings in technology aiding in hearing via skin and decoding thoughts in the brain.

Education based AI and Wi-Fi via helicopter in disaster-stricken areas were also featured in the conference.

Here are all the details.

In context

Facebook F8: it's not over until it's over
Facebook wants to read minds using technology


Facebook wants to read minds using technology

Facebook claims that the day is not far when we will be able to control our computers through our brain with the help of technology.

In its early stages, the technology would detect brainwaves without invasive surgery which will, in turn, allow users to type 100 words per minute through brain without any physical contact.

Facebook's Regina Dugan on the technology

"We are not talking about decoding your random thoughts. You have many thoughts, you choose to share some of them. We're talking about decoding those words. A silent speech interface - one with all the speed and flexibility of voice."

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Tech talk

How will it achieve this feat?

A total 60 scientists and academicians are working on both the software and hardware which will enable technology to read our minds and present it as typed data.

Mark Zuckerberg expressed the possibilities of this new feature which can turn the huge data in our brain into something useful where we can type 5 times faster than we do on our phones today.

Mark Zuckerberg on the possibilities

"Eventually, we want to turn it into a wearable technology that can be manufactured at scale. Even a simple yes/no 'brain click' would help make things like augmented reality feel much more natural."

Enabling users to hear through skin


Enabling users to hear through skin

Facebook is also devising another technology which would enable users to hear through their skin. The process involved is a lot similar to that of Braille, which uses pressure points on the skin to provide and convey information.

While Facebook didn't mention by when the feature will be launched, the company said that it would be using "Tadoma method" developed by Helen Keller.


Two new 360 degree cameras launched at F8 Day 2

Facebook's Surround 360 added two new cameras to their lineup, the x24 and x6 developer cameras.

Facebook wants to license these cameras instead of selling them themselves. The x24 was made in collaboration with FLIR while x6 was made by Facebook.

While the x6 contains only 6 cameras, the x24 is huge and has 24 cameras which facilitate professional endeavours.

Facebook launches Virtual Assistant, M


Facebook launches Virtual Assistant, M

The virtual assistant of Facebook Messenger, M has also been given updates to make it more user-friendly and assist in doing various things in-app.

In addition to the tie-up with delivery.com, which will enable users to order food and pay through Messenger in groups or individually, it will also help with reminders and suggestions when a user is pursuing a task on Messenger.


Facebook focuses on "gaming" with its increasing demand

The new development aims to enable developers in customizing their start and end screen, while new APIs aim to provide an increase in the number of group games.

Gaming is getting more interest as it has 800 million active users every month.

A new games tab is also in works for better discovery of games which will be directly linked to the Messenger.

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