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22 Apr 2017

Would you like a Jarvis of your own?

Digital assistant: Intelligent AI trying to be human

If you like comics or a movie buff, chances are you might have stumbled upon Iron Man and his AI assistant known as Jarvis.

Jarvis is to Iron man what Alfred is to Batman. Only difference is that it is also a super computer.

Here are a few digital assistants that can give you an experience that is in the same ballpark.

In context

Digital assistant: Intelligent AI trying to be human
What can you make the digital assistant do?


What can you make the digital assistant do?

Well, it can be as simple as asking them about the weather or what is the best place to eat nearby.

It can be as complex as asking answers to difficult mathematical problems or running a simulation.

But as for the daily stuff like reading mails, setting reminders, waking you up to an alarm are fairly easy tasks for them.

How did it happen

So what are my choices?

Well, some things are just platform specific like Siri which is only available on iOS platform.

But others like Google Assistant, Cortana and Hound can run on both Android and iOS platforms.

As long as you have a smartphone and an active Internet connection, all you have to do is let your digital assistant know what you want it to do.

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Siri, the darling of Apple users

23 Mar 2017

Siri, the darling of Apple users

Siri is perhaps most well known among the digital assistants available out there.

Siri is integrated in the Apple eco-system and therefore has a better grasp on this platform compared to others.

You can just use your voice to make Siri alter every setting or access any feature available in your device and it will do it for you in a jiffy.

23 Mar 2017

Cortana-built for Microsoft, now available on all platforms

Cortana has this nifty feature which makes sure that you never miss something really important. All you have to do is ask Cortana to remember it for you and remind you.

Another handy feature is that it can track flight timings for you, so you know when to go and pick up your loved ones from the airport.

Google assistant, one with a good joke

23 Mar 2017

Google assistant, one with a good joke

Google assistant may not respond to a voice command to come alive but it surely knows how to be more human like.

Along with the regular things, it can also pop up impressive poems on demand or pull up an interesting fact at a moment's notice.

Interestingly, it is perhaps the only digital assistant that reacts to your random statements with emojis.


The offbeat ones and a new entrant

If you are not so much for the mainstream ones you can also try out digital assistants like Hound, Indigo, Robin and Google Now which are really good if not the best ones out there.

Samsung is also here to make its foray into the digital assistant space with Bixby. It made its debut with Samsung Galaxy S8.

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