Twitter down or not working?

05 May 2017 | Written by Shikha Chaudhry; Edited by Mansi Motwani
Twitter is down?

Twitter seemed to have gone offline today for a few hours, the services have now been restored.

Users around the world were facing issues, where the site appeared to be loading, only to end with a message that it couldn't be reached.

The same situation manifested on Twitter's app as well as its Tweetdeck feature.

This comes a day after WhatsApp's outage.

In context: Twitter is down?

05 May 2017Twitter down or not working?

DetailsBad timing

The problem seems to have cropped up amid the UK's local election and the aftermath of the Republican's healthcare vote, both incidents which were widely tweeted about.

It also comes just hours after WhatsApp faced a similar issue of going offline.

Sources said that Twitter's Down Detector received a few reports of the problem yesterday too.

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After global outage of few hours, WhatsApp is back online

04 May 2017After global outage of few hours, WhatsApp is back online

Popular messaging service WhatsApp experienced a global outage on Wednesday that lasted for several hours before it was resolved.

According to reports, the app was down in parts of India, Canada, United States of America and Brazil.

People using iOS, Android and Windows' OS were affected by the outage.

Over 1.2 billion people in the world use WhatsApp.

Twitter goes offline, but not as often as early-days

Sources said that Twitter faces issues with its app and website quite frequently, but not as frequently as it used to in its earlier days, when users were well acquainted with the "fail whale" animation that appeared whenever the service was down.