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24 May 2017

UK firm unveils world's most affordable solar lamp

World's most affordable solar lamp

A Manchester-based firm, Inventid, has designed the world's most affordable solar lamp, meant to help bring solar power to Africa.

They made the product with Chinese manufacturing giant Yingli and the NGO Solar Aid.

They said they considered "family routines, layout of dwellings and environmental conditions" while making the product.

In context

World's most affordable solar lamp

Some details of the lamp

The lamp, called the SM100 solar light is said to retail at $5 in Africa. It can run for 8 hours on full charge and can be used on a table, or as a head lamp or strapped to a bicycle.

The need for the lamp


The need for the lamp

Kerosene lamps are the primary source of lighting for over 600 million people in Africa.

These lamps are expensive to run and data suggests that families spend up to 25% of their income on fuel for these lights.

They also pose the added danger of fires and are polluting.

Inventid said the $5 could be a one-time only investment, helping such families.

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