Uber brings custom Snapchat filters to woo Indian riders

25 May 2017 | By Anish Chakraborty
Uber wants you to Snapchat your cab journey

In a bid to increase its appeal, Uber India would now incorporate Snapchat in its app.

As per Uber, customers often book a ride to go and meet someone; with this Snapchat experience within Uber app itself, passengers now can "have a little fun getting to know that someone."

The feature will be available for both Android and iOS users.

Here's all about it.

In context: Uber wants you to Snapchat your cab journey

25 May 2017Uber brings custom Snapchat filters to woo Indian riders

Fun rideMaking a normal ride more fun

This new integration will let the Snapchat users in an Uber use its customized selfie filters and they will be able to send it to their friends as well.

The selfie filters that will be available in this Uber-Snapchat platform will mainly include ETA filters and Uber ride filters. There will be a surprise filter as well, which has not been disclosed yet.

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Here's how it will work

EasyHere's how it will work

Once the app starts rolling out the update, the Uber users will be able to see the Snap card in their Uber app's feed.

There will be three options - ETA filter, Uber ride filter, and the mystery filter. After the user chooses one filter, the app will direct them to Snapchat and through that users can apply the intended filter.

ExperiencePersonalizing the Uber experience

"Besides helping riders get to their destinations, we want to focus on the trip experience itself and make sure riders enjoy the journey," Apurva Dala, Head of Engineering, Uber India said.

"Technology is helping us personalize every ride, making the experience fun and delightful. With this integration, our riders can now Snap along the way and share their Uber moments," he added.

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