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27 May 2017

New Nokia 3310 is available online, should you buy it?

New Nokia 3310 is nostalgia, that's about it

No matter how smart and fancy our phones get, Nokia 3310 will always have a huge nostalgic value for us.

The new version has been around for quite some time, previously it was being sold offline and now it is available online for Rs. 3310. But should you buy one just for the sake of nostalgia?

Here's weighing in on the pros and cons.

In context

New Nokia 3310 is nostalgia, that's about it
It does have an excellent battery life


It does have an excellent battery life

Modern phones are not exactly battery friendly in nature and even getting ourselves a power bank doesn't make it survive for an entire hectic phone-tapping day.

Nokia 3310 thrives in this aspect, although, it has a minuscule 1200mAh battery, it gives its users a 22 hours talk time and will not need a charger for a month if it's on standby mode​.


The features are really not that great

Everything goes downhill from here; although, you can extend the phone's memory by 32GB, it has only 16MB storage packed inside, that is roughly around 3 songs or 1 decent video or 10 pictures.

As for the pictures, don't expect it to do any miracles with a 2-megapixel camera and a LED flash, which will only look good on its 2.4-inch QVGA screen.

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Outdated and outpaced


Outdated and outpaced

Our modern life is heavily centered on social media but Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, WhatsApp are distant dreams on this phone and even if you want to open them on browsers, you are going to have a hard time.

The phone only supports 2.5G connectivity, something which is a dinosaur, considering the fact that we are slated to have 5G tentatively next year.


Our phones are not just for calling

One wholeheartedly agrees that Nokia does what a phone is supposed to do; it makes calls and has an excellent battery life.

Then again, our phones are just simply not phones anymore; they have become pocket PCs which are capable of running several tasks simultaneously.

We get irritated if it's lagging behind our expectations and would change it for a better model.

It doesn't work out in the present scenario


It doesn't work out in the present scenario

Selling Nokia 3310, by peddling nostalgia in a country that's pushing for increased digitization, doesn't make sense.

The technology is outdated and even if one plans to keep it as a backup phone, let me remind you that you will need a SIM adapter to put your current SIM into it, as most of the phones these days only take micro SIMs.


You can't progress banking on nostalgia

Nokia 3310 was a legend and no one will ever argue with this bit but times have changed and so have expectations.

If you add only Rs. 2,000 more to your budget, you will get a 4G enabled phone with decent features and something that is more value-for-your-money that an outdated tech trinket.

Nostalgia is fine but practicality comes first.

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