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01 Jun 2017

Puffin Browser: World's fastest browser

Puffin Browser, something you may really find handy

There are a lot of browsers you can choose from when you need to browse the Internet from your smart devices, most leave a lot to be desired.

While Google Chrome and others have also come out with mobile app versions; if you wish to try something that is offbeat and is quite good, you should try the Puffin browser.

This is why!

In context

Puffin Browser, something you may really find handy
Why is it worth a try?


Why is it worth a try?

Puffin is currently only available for smartphone users and does not have any in-app-purchases; the browser provides fast browsing experience by diverting the workload of browsing from the devices itself to cloud servers.

Since, the cloud servers pre-process and compress web pages, the results of the user's search on the browser appear faster than one can imagine.

PC vs. Phone

How to use Puffin browser?

While using Puffin on mobile phones is really easy, as the user needs to download it from the Play Store and install the app to run it, the process is a little complicated for PC users.

Since, there is no official version available of Puffin for the PC and laptops, one needs to download Bluestacks, and then download Puffin Browser's APK.

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Less data and more security with Puffin browser


Less data and more security with Puffin browser

Unlike most browsers, Puffin servers are heavily encrypted and, therefore, even safe to use on a public or non-secure Wi-Fi; whereas with any other browser chances of getting hacked are increasing exponentially with time.

The user when connects to the server, it is an exclusive session, and all data during this session gets immediately deleted when the user disconnects.

Data & download

It's all in the "cloud"

Since Puffin works via cloud; the user has the option to download his files up to 1GB directly on his personal cloud drives like Dropbox and Google Drive, which is extremely handy and also doesn't put the burden on the phone's storage space.

Moreover, since these downloads are cloud-to-cloud so it is not taxing on your mobile data.

Added fringes to sweeten the deal


Added fringes to sweeten the deal

Puffin comes loaded with Adobe Flash, which operates "over the cloud" and enables you to play games, videos and run all things Flash related.

For gamers, Puffin browser is a perfect choice, since it comes with virtual trackpad and gamepad. Other common features like Incognito tab, flash control, and full-screen view are also available.


What are its shortcomings?

Puffin ends up using a lot of RAM to provide users with a fast loading speed.

And while the free version of Puffin gives you access to the flash content for a specific time period from 9 am to 4 pm, the premium version has to be purchased for Rs. 260 in order to enable 24-hour access to the flash content.

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