Museum of Failure, celebrating all product disasters


12 Jun 2017

Museum of Failure features Apple's Newton, Google Glass

The latest additions, to Sweden's prestigious (or not so prestigious, it's a confusing affair) Museum of Failure, are Google Glass and Apple Newton.

If you have not heard much about the latter, no one is blaming you; but Google Glass was supposed to be every tech nerd's dream.

So what earned them this momentous honor or dishonor? Read to find out.


Taking a moment to remember

Taking a moment to remember

While some product innovations become a success, some just crash and burn.

On failed products, the debate is out there - whether it was way ahead of its time or simply a product that no one in their right mind would shell out money to buy.

But there is a need to remember them, even if it is for the sake of posterity.


Museum of Failure, archiving all tech failures

Sweden's Museum of Failure was created for the sole purpose of remembering creations that didn't taste success because they were widely shunned by consumers.

43-year-old curator and clinical psychologist Samuel West came up with the idea of archiving such products, which didn't make the cut so that humanity could take a lesson from them.

After all isn't the road to success paved with failures?

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The great-great grandfather of iPhone

The great-great grandfather of iPhone

Apple came up with Newton in 1987 and marketed it as the first personal digital assistant with handwriting recognition; although pegged as an innovative product, Steve Jobs halted its production as the high price coupled with hiccups in handwriting recognition didn't do much for the sales.

Now the bulky black device, a precursor to iPhones and iPads, sits on a display at the Museum.


Google's biggest failure in recent times

In 2014, Google Glass with augmented reality display and an inbuilt camera was marketed as the tech world's next jump into the future but was discontinued the very next year with multiple complaints from users, citing privacy and safety concerns along with it being a disappointing piece of tech in general.

Now, it's one of the prized possessions of the Museum.


Trump is everywhere

Trump is everywhere

Even POTUS has made its way into the museum with his 2004 lackluster "I'm Back And You're Fired" board game, which was a simplified version of monopoly that used "T" branded pieces and the fake currency had Trump's face on it - Narcissism personified.

West says, although firms, whose products are displayed, never visit; several other firms schedule group visits to take a look.

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Apple Newton

Back And You


Google Glass



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