Google's Local Guides program gets an upgrade

14 Jun 2017 | By Akshay Sharma
Google Play upgrades its Local Guides program

Google Maps' popular Local Guides program has been updated to introduce a new point system and greater rewards for user contributions.

The five level cap has been raised to ten in order to engage loyal users.

Beyond level four, users will be awarded a free three month subscription to Google Play Music and 75% off on Google Play Movie rentals.

In context: Google Play upgrades its Local Guides program

IntroductionLocal Guides by Google Maps

Local Guides is a global community platform that relies on user contributions to enhance the Google Maps experience. Individuals can add and edit data on Google Maps in exchange for benefits.

This program currently engages more than 30 million users.

It is aimed at generating an interactive environment for users to capture and share information, tips and reviews regarding locations across 40 countries.

How users earn points on Local Guides

When users add a location or picture to Google Maps, review or rate places, update and edit information, answer questions, or verify facts about a location through Local Guides; they earn points which enable them to cross levels. Crossing levels entitles them to certain rewards.
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How the point system works

Details:How the point system works

When users contribute data through the Local Guides program, they are awarded points.

Fact-checking, rating a location or answering questions carries one point, uploading a photo or review, or editing data carries 5 points, and adding a new location carries 15 points.

Users gradually collect points to unlock levels and access rewards. Unlocking level 5 requires 500 points, while level 10 demands 100,000 points.

14 Jun 2017Google's Local Guides program gets an upgrade

RewindWhat the previous Local Guides version offered

Previously, users could navigate through five levels by securing a prescribed number of points.

They were awarded with badges, free storage, early access to Google products and features, and invites to workshops and summits.

Now, each of the five additional levels requires a greater number of points in order to be crossed.

Incentives for Local Guides Users

Each user or 'guide' who crosses levels on Local Guides is compensated with perks. These include newsletters, special badges, early access to new product releases, up to 1 TB free Google Drive storage, community recognition and interaction through posts and meetups, and Google Play perks.