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15 Jun 2017

Facebook makes GIFs available for comments

To mark the 30th anniversary of the GIF, Facebook has introduced a new feature enabling users to add GIFs to comments.

The eagerly-awaited feature can be accessed using the GIF button located beside the emoji picker.

Users can choose from the available GIFs sourced from Facebook's GIF partners, but cannot upload other GIFs.

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Label your Ads

Instagram enhances transparency for sponsored posts

Instagram enhances transparency for sponsored posts

Instagram will soon enforce a new format for influencer marketing on the platform.

Users with a vast outreach must now tag sponsored posts and stories with a 'Paid Partnership with' notification above the post to make endorsements and promotions clearly distinguishable.

In April, the Federal Trade Commission sent letters to more than 90 influencers, asking them to explicitly disclose brand relations in all posts.

Machine vs Machine

Artificial Intelligence engine beats Ms. Pacman

Researchers at Microsoft's deep learning company Maluuba have developed an Artificial Intelligence (AI) system that successfully mastered the cult arcade game, Ms. Pacman.

The AI algorithm was designed to divide the unpredictable game into tasks, and pursue and prioritize these tasks to earn positive feedback. The AI system achieved an unparalleled score of 999,990.

AI researchers often use video games to test machine learning.

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Tech Merger

Verizon combines Yahoo, AOL resources to launch 'Oath'

Verizon combines Yahoo, AOL resources to launch 'Oath'

Global communication technology giant Verizon plans to merge recently acquired tech pioneer Yahoo Inc. with AOL, a media technology firm which Verizon bought two years ago - to create Oath, a parent company that boasts of more than 50 media and technology brands.

The merger will lead to nearly 2,000 people losing their jobs.

Oath is set to launch this summer.

Mobile Learning

Tablets offer free education solution to underprivileged students in Africa

On Wednesday, The Vodafone Foundation, in collaboration with 'Learning Equality', announced the 'Instant Schools for Africa' initiative.

Already launched in 6 African countries, it is aimed at providing free, unlimited online and offline tablet-based access to primary and secondary school materials for students and teachers, specifically those living in refugee camps in these areas.

The program seeks to engage 5 million people by 2025.

Backup your computer

Google Drive as more potent storage tool

Google Drive as more potent storage tool

On June 28, Google will launch its new Backup and Sync app. The tool is aimed at increasing flexibility for syncing files and folders seamlessly to Google Drive.

Users can select folders and replicate the files inside them on the Drive, instead of having to direct files towards the Drive folder.

Google drive currently has a 15GB storage cap on free accounts.

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