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17 Jun 2017

'Hyperloop Hotel' that allows people to travel in luxury rooms

The $130 million Hyperloop Hotel

Brandan Siebrecht, a graduate architecture student from the University of Las Vegas, Nevada, has come up with a futuristic concept of a multi-city modular hotel chain where hotels in different locations would be connected by Hyperloop systems.

Dubbed the "Hyperloop Hotel", it would be present in the 13 biggest cities in the US.

In context

The $130 million Hyperloop Hotel

The cities where the Hyperloop Hotel would be present

The 13 cities include Washington DC, New York City, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Chicago, San Francisco, Boston, Seattle, Denver, Portland, Santa Fe, Austin and Nashville.


Guests can travel to different cities without leaving their room

The design was inspired by a real test track for Hyperloop One being developed on the outskirts of Las Vegas.

The modular hotel would allow guests to travel between different cities within the hotel network without ever leaving their room.

The rooms would be re-fitted as shipping containers designed for luxury and would contain an office, a living room, a bedroom, and a bathroom.

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Siebrecht's design wins the Radical Innovation Award

Siebrecht's design was one of over 65 designs submitted from 24 countries for the Radical Innovation Award for imaginative hotel designs. Siebrecht was one of the two finalists, and won the award.

Costs & Feasibility

The costs of the network and feasibility

Siebrecht hasn't yet thought of room charges, but he estimates that guests would have to pay around $1,200 for travelling between cities.

By his calculations, each hotel would cost around $10 million to construct, with the entire unit costing $130 million.

While there are no concrete plans to build the hotel network, Siebrecht believes that the concept could become a reality within a decade.

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