Celebrate World Environment Day today!

5 Jun 2015 | By Siripriya
Know about 5 environment related days celebrated!

World Environment Day is a United Nations initiative started in 1972 and is celebrated on June 5. It aims at encouraging global awareness about the degrading state of our environment and calls for people to take some positive action. Run by United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), it has unique themes every year.

On this occasion, Modi is going to inaugurate a tree plantation drive.

In context: Know about 5 environment related days celebrated!

3 Mar World Wildlife Day - Protect Wildlife!

World Wildlife Day, started by UN in 2013, is celebrated all around the world on March 3rd in order to spread awareness and celebrate the beauty of the flora and fauna of our planet.

Another motive for the celebration of this day is to urge the masses against the rising wildlife crime which has a range of social, economic and environmental impacts.

22 Apr Save the Earth; Celebrate Earth Day!

Proposed by John McConnell in a UNESCO conference, founded by US Senator Gaylord Nelson, Earth day was celebrated in US from 1970 onwards.

In 1990, it was celebrated internationally for the first time because of the efforts of Denis Hayes (first national coordinator in US).

The day is now celebrated by more than 192 countries in order to demonstrate their support for environmental protection.

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22 May World Biodiversity Day - Explore flora and fauna!

World Biodiversity Day came into effect in 1993 after United Nations decided to raise awareness about the biodiversity issues faced by our planet.

It was originally celebrated on December 29 and continued to do so for 7 years before the date was changed to May 22.

Like the World Environment Day, this day also has a specific theme to focus on, every year.

16 Sep Preserve the Ozone Layer!

Commemorating the date of signing of Montreal Protocol in 1987, September 16 is celebrated worldwide as "International day for the preservation of Ozone Layer" or simply as "Ozone Day".

The treaty Montreal Protocol was signed in UN to protect the depleting Ozone layer by controlling the emissions of ozone-depleting substances.

United Nations in 1994 proclaimed September 16 to be celebrated as this day.

5 Jun 2015Celebrate World Environment Day today!

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Our planet gains about 77 million new inhabitants every year. With only a fixed amount of resources available to use, we are putting more and more pressure on our resources leading to their ultimate exhaustion.