Google has launched AI-powered jobs search engine

21 Jun 2017 | By Shiladitya Ray
Google's new AI-powered jobs search engine

Google just launched its AI-powered jobs search engine for desktops and mobiles, making searching for jobs extremely simple.

The feature, currently only available in English, shows up on Google's search results page and allows the user to search for jobs available both across online job boards like Monster, LinkedIn etc, as well jobs listed on company's web pages.

In context: Google's new AI-powered jobs search engine

21 Jun 2017Google has launched AI-powered jobs search engine

Google will take into account a user's unique preferences

"Finding a job is like dating. Each person has a unique set of preferences and it only takes one person to fill this job," said Nick Zakrasek, Google's product manager for the AI-powered job search engine.
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The simple intuitive interface for job searches

Searching for jobsThe simple intuitive interface for job searches

The feature will allow users to start off fairly simply with a query like "jobs near me" or say more specific queries like "IT jobs" or "writing jobs".

The results will be displayed in the new job search widget.

From there, a user can keep refining his/her query about the kind of job he/she wants: full-time or part-time, location, employer, industry, etc.

The emphasis is on helping people search

"We want to do what we do best: search. We want the players in the ecosystem to be more successful," added Zakrasek, highlighting that Google won't participate in the actual job application process. It will only help with job searches.

The processHow Google aims to streamline the job searches and applications

Searching for jobs on the internet across online job boards can be a frustrating process due to duplicate offerings and lack of sufficient information.

Google's job search will use machine-learning techniques to remove duplicate results, and will display results with the most complete job posting.

As for actual applications, Google will redirect to the job website once a user picks a job.

Google's engine will align with online job boards

"Google's new job search product aligns with our core strategy and will allow candidates to explore jobs from across the web and refine search criteria to meet their unique needs," said Conal Thompson,'s CTO.