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26 Jun 2017

Mozilla's challenge, decentralize the web and take home $2 million

Mozilla is looking for an Internet messiah

In modern times, like water and electricity, we take the Internet for granted. However, there are millions out there who don't have access to it.

Thus, they don't get to enjoy an entire range of opportunities available to others. Mozilla wants you to change that and to sweeten the pot, it will give you $2 million as prize money.

Here's all about it.

In context

Mozilla is looking for an Internet messiah
Off-the-Grid Internet Challenge


Off-the-Grid Internet Challenge

There are two challenges in front of the innovators; first is the "Off-the-Grid Internet Challenge", which involves making a communication network that can fully function during and after a natural calamity.

An innovator would have to make use of wireless technology as well as Internet's decentralized design to devise a way that can keep people connected to the Internet under all adverse conditions.


What do you have to do?

One will have to showcase both the hardware and software end of the communication network in order to win. The final project should be a solution that can be easily powered, portable and can be easily accessed.

The second challenge is called the "Smart Community Networks Challenge"; in this one, the innovator has to find a way to provide Internet connectivity in remote places.

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Smart Community Networks Challenge


Smart Community Networks Challenge

There are several regions where commercial Internet providers don't supply affordable access and even if they do, they charge exorbitant rates and the speed and quality remain terrible.

In this challenge, one will have to use the basic existing infrastructure to provide superior quality wireless connectivity to the remote area so that its inhabitants can stay connected with the outside world.


How to win it?

To win this challenge, the applicant will have to devise a method that has a wide range, strong bandwidth and can be accessed by multiple users simultaneously. The solution also needs to have a minimal physical footprint and it shouldn't breach a user's privacy or neglect security concerns.

If someone is reading this and wants to try, good luck to you.

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