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29 Jun 2017

iPhone turns 10, let's take out the time machine

iPhone, a concept that was supposed to fail

When the iPhone first came out, several tech pundits vehemently brushed it aside saying that it will never work. Well, to put it across bluntly, it did.

Let's just take a time machine and go 10 years back to where it all started. After all, this is the very same day when iPhone debuted in 2007.

Brace yourself for some surprises.

In context

iPhone, a concept that was supposed to fail
The idea of paying a premium price


The idea of paying a premium price

If we are in 2007, an Apple iPhone should cost us around $600; Which is quite pricey considering that Motorola Razr2, which was the rage back then, was priced at $250.

However, if you are planning to buy the same model now in 2017, let me inform you that an eBay listing says it will cost you a whopping $3,999.99. That's premium!


A word from our highly esteemed critics

In 2007, several critics out there said, Apple should just stop because this iPhone of theirs was a recipe for disaster. According to them, the iPhone was not good enough to make any dent in the highly competitive market.

The market was then dominated by two giants, Nokia and Motorola. In 2017, they are almost nowhere to be seen.

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There were more problems


There were more problems

Critics cried foul over the Apple ecosystem. It seemed downright silly to get things from one dedicated place when one could tap into millions of freebies in others.

I am not going to harp about why Apple ecosystem is important. However, I am going to point out what happened in Android app store recently.

It had Judy malware affecting between 8.5-36.5 million users.


Bunk the Phone, let's just invest on Apple

Apple's shares have now escalated up to 744%. If someone did spend $100 on Apple's shares back then believing on the iPhone, he/she would made $844 now sans reinvested dividends.

Instead of spending $600 on the iPhone, spending it on stocks would have led to a payoff of $5,065 now. That is a really good deal on a concept that wasn't supposed to work.

We are an impatient lot


We are an impatient lot

Am I bashing all who said iPhone will not work? No. What I'm trying to point out is the fact that tech pundits are often hasty in passing judgments.

We're standing at a time, where every day we get to see something new, among them some will work while others won't. But let's give them time to prove themselves before ringing the warning bells.

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